gdewsbury services include:


Independent Research Service

  • An agile professional research company offering tailored research based management and focused solutions.
  • Helping research programmes successfully complete.
  • Helping programmes reach desired objectives.
  • Expert advice on assistive technology systems to support older and disabled people.
  • Professional independent academic research consultancy.
  • Qualitative field based research and advice.
  • Ethnographic research with people.
  • Research project management.
  • “Quick and dirty” research.
  • Writing research report.
  • Progress reports to clients and customers.


Freelance Writing Service

gdewsbury offer a writing service which includes:


  • Expert advice on Technology Enabled Care, Telecare, Telehealth, Assistive Technology and supporting people with disabilities/the ageing population.
  • Advice on Smart home technology to suppot people.


  • Writing bespoke feature articles.
  • Writing press releases.
  • Writing professional white papers.
  • Writing newsletters.
  • Developing sales letters and brochures.
  • Designing corporate and sales brochures


  • Developing Website copy and landing pages.
  • Developing  online brochures.
  • Undertaking email marketing campaigns.


  • Professional academic website design and content management.

Original writing

  • Articles relating to older or disabled people, health, social care and technology.
  • Reviews on specific technologies (e.g. mobile phones, telecare equipment etc.).
  • Writing for academic and/or non-academic audiences.
  • Writing books and pamphlets.

Telecare Training

  • gdewsbury provide training for specifically for local authorities, housing associations, home care organisations and university courses. Training is tailored to the agency requiring it.
  • Specialised training on the Dependability Telecare Assessment tool (DTA).
  • Training on person-centred design of telecare systems.
  • Training on Telecare Assessments.
  • Training on developing telecare services.


gdewsbury focus their writing on the area of older and disabled people and their relationship to technology. gdewsbury specialises in the area of person-centred design, connected health solutions, project research, qualitative research, ethnography, assistive technology, telecare, telehealth, eHealth, mHealth, new technologies, mobile phones, older people, disabled people.

Expert Witness on Assistive Technology

If you require an Expert Witness for litigation purposes, gdewsbury offer a simple solution.  Guy Dewsbury has experience of working as an Expert Witness for people with a range of disabilities for whom technology might be a feasible solution.

B2B Consultancy

As qualified and experienced consultants, gdewsbury provide advice on technology related services and offer user focused research to promote and support business and academia. gdewsbury can review aspects of a current telecare service provisions or their marketing strategy. gdewsbury can also provide independent advice to new businesses on how to enter the telecare market.

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