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gdewsbury have produced a number of technology related publications.

Here is a selection of the some of the more recent publications.

Journal Papers

  • Dewsbury G , Dewsbury D (2018) Ethics in care: how to use technology, Nursing and Residential Care, 2018 (20)5, pp198-200.
  • Dewsbury G , Dewsbury D (2018) Keeping it secure: data security in residential care, Nursing and Residential Care (20)2, pp70–73
  • Dewsbury G, Dewsbury D (2017) Securing IT infrastructure in the care home, Nursing and Residential Care 19(12), pp 672–674
  • Dewsbury G, Dewsbury D (2017) App-based care systems in the nursing home, Nursing and Residential Care 19(10), pp 550–553
  • Dewsbury G and Dewsbury  D (2017) What to look for in a new nurse call system, Nursing and Residential Care 19(9), pp 490–493.
  • Dewsbury G, Dewsbury D (2017) Technology systems to support caring, Nursing and Residential Care, 19(3), pp135-137.
  • Dewsbury G, Dewsbury D (2016) Technological innovations in residential care, Nursing and Residential Care, 18(11), pp 614–616.
  • Dewsbury G, Dewsbury D (2016) The technological benefits of modern care management, Nursing And Residential Care, 18(10), pp 530–533.
  • Dewsbury G, Ballard D (2016) Making care modern: using the latest technology, Nursing And Residential Care, 18(3), pp. 128–129.
  • Dewsbury G, Ballard D (2015) How to choose a residential care software management system, Nursing and Residential Care. 17(11), pp 631–634.
  • Dewsbury G, Ballard D (2015) Residential care nurse call systems: which one is right for you? Nursing and Residential Care. 17(11) pp 635–637.
  • Dewsbury G, (2015) Nurse call systems: The first line of defence, Nursing and Residential Care. 17(9) pp 488-490.
  • Dewsbury G, Ballard D (2015) Embracing today’s technologies: an imperative rather than a choice, Nursing and Residential Care.  17(6) pp 332–334.
  • Dewsbury G, Ballard D (2015) Best practice in the latest-care related software, Nursing and Residential Care,  17(4) pp 210–213.
  • Dewsbury G (2015) Building from the bottom up, Care Management Matters, March 2015, pp 38-41.
  • Dewsbury G, Ballard D (2014) New or upgraded nurse call system? It’s all in the preparation, Nursing and Residential Care, 16(11) pp 633–637.
  • Dewsbury G, Ballard D (2014) The managerial costs of nurse call systems, Nursing and Residential Care, 16(9) pp 512–515.
  • Dewsbury G (2014) The use of patient management systems for use in the community, British Journal of Community Nursing,  19(11), pp 515-516.
  • Dewsbury G, Ballard D (2014) Web-based care home software: a system to suit, Nursing and Residential Care, 16(11) pp628–632.
  • Dewsbury G, Ballard D (2014) New or upgraded nurse call system? It’s all in the preparation, Nursing and Residential Care, 16(11), pp633–637.
  • Dewsbury G, Ballard D (2014) Emerging technology: nurse call systems, Nursing and Residential Care, 16(8) pp446–449.
  • Mancini C, van der Linden J, Kortuem G, Dewsbury G, Mills D, Boyden P (2014) UbiComp for animal welfare: envisioning smart environments for kenneled dogs, Proceedings of the 2014 ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing, ACM, pp 117-128.
  • Dewsbury G & Ballard D (2013) The ethical Issues of Telecare: a help or a hindrance? Nursing and Residential Care, 15(7) pp490-493.
  • Dewsbury G & Ballard, D. (2013) Telecare: a reactive service to enhance patient care, British Journal of Nursing, 22(7) pp364.
  • Procter, R, Greenhalgh, T, Wherton, J, Sugarhood, P, Rouncefield, M & Dewsbury, G (2013) The ATHENE Project: the importance of bricolage in personalising assisted living technologies. In: 3rd International Congress on Telehealth and Telecare 2013, London, UK, 1-3 Jul 2013. Published in: International Journal of Integrated Care, Volume 13, p. 1.

Book Related

  • Linskell J and Dewsbury G (2019) Chapter 8, ‘Assisted Living’, in Cowan D and Najafi L, Handbook of Electronic Assistive Technology, Academic Press, pp215-258.
  • Dewsbury G and Ballard D (2014) DTA: The Dependability Telecare Assessment tool – ‘The Person-Centred Telecare Assessment’, gdewsbury.
  • Dewsbury G (2012) A guide to buying a mobile phone for the over 50′s, Amazon Kindle, B007U5VG0G.
  • Dewsbury G (2012) A guide to buying a tablet computer – sixteen tips to help you make your choice, Amazon Kindle, B008GMD5FG.
  • Dewsbury G (2012) Easy to use mobile phones, Amazon Kindle, B008GMH7C8.
  • Dewsbury, G & Sommerville, I. (2011). Domestic Systems. In LSCITS Socio-Technical Systems Engineering Handbook. University of St Andrews.
  • Dewsbury G & Dobson J (Eds) (2007) ‘Responsibility and Dependable Systems’, Springer Verlag Press. (BE)
  • Dobson J, Sommerville I & Dewsbury G, (2007) ‘Introduction: Dependability and Responsibility in Context’, in Dewsbury G and Dobson J (Eds) (2007) Responsibility and Dependable Systems, Springer Verlag Press, pp1-20.
  • Dewsbury G, Bagnall P, Sommerville I, Odonti V, Rouncefield M (2006) ‘Taking the Tablets Home: Designing communication software for isolated older people at home’ In Bust P. Contemporary Ergonomics 2006,Proceedings of the International Conference on Contemporary Ergonomics (CE2006), 4-6 April 2006, Cambridge, UK. pp358-362.
  • Dewsbury G, Sommerville I, Bagnall P, Rouncefield M, & Onditi V (2006) ‘Software co-design with older people’, In Clarkson J, Langdon P and Robinson P. Designing Accessible Technology, Springer Verlag, London. pp199-208.
  • Sommerville, I., Dewsbury, G., Clarke, K. & Rouncefield, M. (2006) ‘Dependability and trust in Organisational and Domestic Computer Systems’ In Clarke, K, Hardstone, G,
  • Rouncefield, M, Sommerville, I, (Eds.), Trust in Technology: A Socio-Technical Perspective, Series: Computer Supported Cooperative Work, Springer, 36(25): pp169-194.
  • Baxter G & Dewsbury G, (Eds) (2004) ‘HEAT 2004: Proceedings of the First “HEAT: The Home and Electronic Assistive Technology Workshop”, Computing Department, Lancaster University. (BE)
  • Baxter G, Dewsbury G, Monk A & Sommerville I, (2005) ‘Managing the Risks of Electronic Assistive Technology: Two complementary methods’, In Mackie J and Rouncefield M (Eds) ‘Proceedings of the fifth Annual DIRC conference Edinburgh, March 2005’.
  • Baxter, G., Monk, A., Doughty K., Blythe, M., & Dewsbury G, (2004) ‘Standards and the dependability of electronic assistive technology’. In Keates, S., Clarkson, J., Langdon, P., and Robinson, P. (Eds.) Designing a More Inclusive World, Berlin, Germany: Springer Verlag, pp247-255.
  • Cheverst K, Clarke K, Dewsbury G, Hemmings T, Hughes J and Rouncefield M, (2003) ‘Design With Care: Technology, Disability and the Home’, In Harper R, Inside The Smart Home, Springer-Verlag, London Ltd., pp163-180
  • Dewsbury G, Sommerville I, Clarke K, Rouncefield M (2003) ‘A Dependability Model of Domestic Systems’, in Anderson S, Felici M and Littlewood B (Eds), Computer Safety, Reliability and Security: 22nd International Conference, Safecomp 2003, Proceedings, Lecture Notes In Computer Science, 2788, Springer Verlag, Heidelberg, pp103-115
  • Cheverst K, Clarke K., Dewsbury G, Hemmings T, and. Rouncefield M. (2002) “When Geography Matters – Location Awareness and Community Care”. In Richard Harper, The Social Shaping of Mobile Futures – Proceedings of the Third Wireless World Conference,. Digital World Research Centre, University of Surrey, July 2002. pp69-83.
  • Kember S, Cheverst K, Clarke K, Dewsbury G, Hemmings T, Rodden T and Rouncefield M, (2002) ‘’Keep Taking the Medication’: Assistive Technologies for Medication Regimes in Care Settings’, In Keates S, Langdon P, Clarkson PJ and Robinson P (2002) Universal Access and Assistive Technology, Springer-Verlag, London Ltd, 285-294.

Conference Presentations

  • Guy Dewsbury (2014) Designing for the future: directions for health and technology, EPSRC series on Inclusive Environments ‘Translating practices and the operationally of universal design, Open University, Milton Keynes, 21stFeb 2014.
  • Mancini C,van der Linden J, Kortuem G, Dewsbury G, Mills D, Boyden P (2014) UbiComp for animal welfare: envisioning smart environments for kenneled dogs, UbiComp ’14 Proceedings of the 2014 ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing, Pages 117-128
  • Mancini C, Dewsbury G,  van der Linden J, Kortuem G, Mills D and Smith N, (2014) Towards Smart Kennels for Supporting Canine Welfare: from Design to Methodological Requirements, Proceedings of ISAWEL 2014 – Intelligent Systems and Animal Welfare, Goldsmith College, April 2014.  

gdewsbury recent publication DTA: the Dependability Telecare Assessment tool – ‘The Person-centred Telecare Assessment’ is now available, for more information see the DTA page

Other publications

gdewsbury also publish articles for magazines and journals as well as published books.

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