gdewsbury offer an Independent research consultancy service. This includes an agile professional, affordable, freelance consultancy which includes a research and writing service focused on the relationship between technology, health and social care.

gdewsbury are UK independent research consultants, who developed the Dependability Telecare Assessment tool (DTA)  and provide a range of services for businesses that include:

  • Programme Management
  • Bespoke freelance writing.
  • High quality fieldwork.
  • Research projects,  design, management and partnerships.
  • Facilitating research relationships.
  • Website design or copywriting.
  • Advice to businesses on supporting people using connected technological solutions to enable older and disabled people.
  • Expert witness in assistive technology.
  • Social media marketing / social media campaigns.
  • Strategic marketing plans.

As independent consultants gdewsbury only take on work where they are certain to add value to the overall outcome.